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So what is an adoption clinic, my thoughts about thoughts of our four pawed friends

May 23, 2012

Last Saturday was an adoption clinic and I kept thinking how do the dogs look at what is occurring at a clinic.  Let’s just call three of them Barney, Betty and Bamm-Bamm and listen to their conversation.

Barney – “Well I sure hope that one of these families who keep saying how nice and peaceful I am will actually take me home.”

Betty – “I’m not sure why people think that I am going to take a walk with them and leave my foster Mom who I love and trust.  I don’t know where these people are going to take me.  To be honest, I don’t even know these people who want to take me for a walk. They keep tugging at my leash and trying to pull me away from my foster Mom.  Why should I trust them.  For the four or so years before, I was just used as a puppy making machine.  Now that I can’t do that anymore, what will these new people want me for.”

Barney – “Yes people have been talking about what a ‘nice guy’ I am, you know they say that ‘nice guys’ finish last and I have been at least 4 of these clinics and still no luck.”

Betty – “You know these clinics can be nerve-wracking.  Got to be on best behavior or I’ll just be back in two weeks, lined up with a bunch of new dogs. It has been over 5 months and no one has really adopted me, maybe it is because I am not all waggy and like a puppy, maybe I am too reserved.  You know people talk about wanting a well-behaved dog but do they really mean it or do they just want a puppy.”

Bamm-Bamm – “Gee I keep hearing people talk about how lively I am, too much puppy, weren’t they ever kids???? Don’t they have kids who don’t always behave.  Yup, I am strong and like to pull but if you sit down, I will drape myself over your knee and you can pet me and I will try to calm down for at least a little while.  All I need is a place to run, run, run and then be petted.”

3 1/2 hours later-

Barney – “WOW someone is taking me home, wish me luck.”

Betty – “I’m going home with my foster Mom and that works for me, though I really do need to be adopted by someone who will love me also.”

Bamm-Bamm – “Back to the kennel, I know that the girl who worked with me the whole clinic would keep me in a minute but she isn’t allowed to at her college.  At least I can go back and run, run, run at my kennel and get good food and see some of my friends who weren’t adopted today.  You know I am just a kid and all that someone needs to do is work with me. Yes it may take awhile but I am willing if they care.”

Well I am not sure if that is what these three dogs were really thinking but there are many dogs who are at clinics in the Capital District every weekend with groups like Peppertree, Out of the Pits, The Animal Support Project, 11th Hour Rescue and other rescue groups or at shelters like Mohawk Hudson and all that is needed is to find that special home for them.  Two of our dogs who need a home are a sweet girl Sweet Pea and a young guy Dobbs and you can guess which one was Betty and which one was Bamm-Bamm.

Go to to find out how to adopt either of them or one of our many great dogs.


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