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The “top 10” reasons that adopting an older dog is good for your mind, heart and soul.

July 3, 2012

Marlee Bickel, a Peppertree volunteer,  and her adopted senior dog Glinda ‘discussed’ the question:

1·        Why Not?
2·        They will love you unconditionally
3·        They will appreciate everything you do for them
4·        They will always be ready for a belly-rub
5·        They won’t expect a lot of activity from you so you don’t have become a runner or jogger
6·        They won’t complain about what you are watching on TV as long as they can be near you
7·        They may not be with you for a dozen years but the love they will show you makes up for the missed years
8·        You don’t have to potty train them (although you may have to help them when they can’t hold it for long     periods of time)

9·        You don’t have to teach them manners because they want to please so will do their best to be good

10.      You don’t have to teach them NOT to eat the couch or your shoes      Image

Glinda always tells the truth. 

Our next adoption clinic is this Saturday from 10 AM to 1:30 PM at the Niskayuna PetSmart, come and meet some of our older dogs, our younger dogs, our new dogs and those that have been simply waiting for the right home.


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