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September 29, 2012

As much as any dog rescue group likes to adopt their dogs as soon as possible, the FOSTER HOME is the key.  With Peppertree Dog Rescue, the foster home is a key link in a successful adoption.  The foster home finds out what the dog is really like.  Is the dog outgoing or fearful, a soft mouth or a nipper, a bouncy jumper or a very calm guy(like our Jack), submissive of dominant, a kisser or not, good with cats, good with other dogs and what type.  The foster home provides lots of information that helps with the successful placement of a dog.  In some cases, the foster is the only information that we have about a dog other than an initial intake interview. Yes all rescue groups have an initial evaluation process.  However just like people and a job interview, the first evaluation is a time where a dog can be on best behavior, not a true depiction of who and how complex they are.

I think of some of the dogs that I have met at adoption clinics, which are incredibly stressful for the dog.  I am sure that the dog is really very different than that 3 or 4 hour stint, surrounded by many dogs and people who they don’t know.

PEPPERTREE AND EVERY DOG ADOPTION GROUP NEEDS FOSTER FAMILIES.  In an article published by The Record newspapers last February, I was quoted saying ” People don’t understand how important foster families are in terms of evaluating a dog in a variety of situations…”  I also said and truly believe that “It is also a great opportunity for people who would love to have a dog but are not able to make a twelve month commitment.”  Some foster families leave for the winter, some for extended amounts of time.  When you become a foster family, Peppertree understands your how long you can foster and arranges for placements that work for you.
SO IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A FOSTER, fill out an application on our website which is “”.  Do it and you will understand why you are an incredibly important part of the Peppertree support system.


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