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Volunteers are priceless

January 27, 2013


Cassie Costantino who helps at Vosburgh, has fostered for Peppertree and is a volunteer for Cyd Cross with Out Of The Pits rescue shared the poster with me.

I looked at the posts from the the last year, the last month, the last week, yesterday and this morningI thought the poster is so ‘right on’ not only about Teresa and Alissa and Nicki and Lex but so many.  I think about the time Michele spent trying to save those puppies recently from Craig’s List.  The intake work that both Alissa and Heather do.  The leadership that Kathi, Katie, Donna, Mary Ellen, Sue, Patrice, Dana and Kevin provide.  The willingness of Peg, Deb M, Marlee and Charlene to work the adoption clinics and provideexpertise and a welcoming calm at all times. Rich taking photos and documenting the history of a Peppertree dog using that history to not only link us to the past but also tell our story and obtain funds for us. There is continuity, wisdom, work and sharing of their property that Betsy and David provide. There is Karen‘s willingness to foster at the drop of a hat, Joanne at the ready to take the big dogs, and Katy’s desire explore the WEB to find dog’s in need.The many people who consistently foster including Deb B, Deb M, Nicole and Naomi, Tara and Sloane, Mike, Maria and Ericka, all the Maria’s and many others who escape my memory.  The last month simply is a snapshot of what Peppertree is all about – dedicated volunteers caring for the dogs, making it a first priority. 

You and others whose names I have inadvertently forgotten (you know at almost 65 I can use that as an excuse) are great role models for every volunteer in Peppertree.


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